Hello, you've found the website of Steve Sheath. I live on the sunny Isle of Wight in Newport, I started this because I was surprised at how many of my friends had their own site so I did something about it.

Most people when faced with an individuals website ask "Why did they do this", and I'm afraid mine is no different.  I did it because I wanted to and I could!  Having said that you found it so you're as sad.

Well it's normal to put a little about myself here so this is it. 

I'm 47, drive too fast, drink and eat too much but generally try to enjoy life.  I'm hoping to add things to the site such as photos of places I've visited.

It's normal to put stuff about hobbies, guess what I'm no different. I spend a fair amount of summer time lying on a beach either at home or holidaying abroad, I can't think of a better relaxation that laying on the beach with my walkman playing my favourite music.  I enjoy photography and have just taken the plunge into serious digital, spending a fortune on a new Canon SLR.

Sadly at the moment I appear to be far busier than I would like and that's is turning me into a dull person but I'm doing something about that. 

I have a love hate relationship with computers, spending far too much money on updating and keeping the thing at the cutting edge.  I'm no expert but also build them and have just managed to build a very fast machine for what I think is a little money.  I'm not going to go on because there's bound to be someone smarter than me that will shoot me down but it does keep me out of trouble.